Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores Industry Profile

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Last Quarterly Update: 5/21/2018
SIC Codes: 5331, 5399, 5531
NAICS Codes: 452319
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Excerpt from Dollar & Other General Merchandise Stores Industry Profile

Companies in this industry sell a variety of merchandise, including consumables and housewares, through physical retail locations. Major companies include Dollar General and Dollar Tree (both based in the US), along with Dollarama (Canada) and Poundland Group (UK).

The dollar and other general merchandise stores industry in the US includes about 40,000 retail outlets with combined annual revenue of about $70 billion.


Demand is driven by consumer spending, particularly among less affluent consumers, as most companies target the lower- to middle-income demographic. The profitability of individual companies depends on their ability to effectively locate stores and to maximize their revenue per square foot. Large companies have advantages in purchasing and in negotiating lease arrangements. Small companies can compete effectively by locating in a previously untapped market. The US industry is highly concentrated: Dollar General and Dollar Tree together account for more than half of industry revenue.

Dollar stores compete not only within their industry, but also with mass merchandisers, grocery stores, convenience stores, and drug stores. (Mass merchants Wal-Mart and Target have launched smaller-format stores in urban areas that also compete with dollar stores.) Stores in each of these categories also offer low-cost items; many have special sections that offer products for $1.

Dollar stores have transformed and expanded their businesses over the past decade or so by offering more consumables, including frozen and refrigerated foods, thereby capturing sales from convenience and grocery ...

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