Outpatient Surgical Centers Industry Profile

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Last Quarterly Update: 11/14/2016
SIC Codes: 8011
NAICS Codes: 621493
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Excerpt from Outpatient Surgical Centers Industry Profile

Companies in this industry provide surgical and emergency care services for ambulatory patients in standalone facilities that are outfitted with operating and recovery rooms; they do not offer overnight or long-term hospital care or care for minor ailments. Major companies include AmSurg, Surgery Partners, and United Surgical Partners International, as well as the outpatient surgical operations of major hospital chains such as Tenet Healthcare and HCA.

Demand for outpatient centers, also known as ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), is growing in Europe, India, and other parts of the world. Since many countries have national health care systems, outpatient surgery is increasingly being offered by the country's hospital system. However, in India and other developing markets some private companies operate health care facilities that accept private insurance or a fee for services. With demand for outpatient surgery rising and competition increasing among US outpatient surgery centers, companies could consider the overseas market for expansion opportunities.

The US outpatient surgical center industry includes about 6,300 centers with a combined annual revenue of about $24 billion.


Demand is linked to the number of people receiving medical care and the cost of hospital-based care. The profitability of individual centers depends on efficient operations and effective marketing. Companies that operate multiple locations may enjoy some economies of scale in purchasing, administration, and marketing. Smaller companies can compete by providing superior or niche services. The US industry ...

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