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Companies in this industry operate local and suburban commuter rail systems. Major companies include China Railway, Hong Kong-based MTR Corporation, MTA New York City Transit Authority, France-based SNCF, Tokyo Metro, and Finland's VR-Group.

Population growth and urbanization are among the forces driving global demand for commuter rail. Passenger rail travel is most popular in the Asia/Pacific region, followed by Europe, according to Index Mundi.

The US commuter rail industry includes a small number of companies with combined annual revenue of about $721 million. In addition to MTA New York City Transit Authority, leading US providers include Metra (Chicago), Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (Boston), New Jersey Transit (Newark), and Southeastern Pensylvania Transit Authority (Philadelphia).

The commuter rail industry does not include cable car, monorail, light rail, or subway systems, although some companies in the industry may operate these systems in addition to commuter rail systems.


Demand is driven by population growth and density, particularly in metropolitan areas. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations. Large companies have advantages in absorbing large operational and capital costs. Small companies can compete effectively by entering new markets. The US industry is highly concentrated: a handful of companies generate most of the industry's revenue.


Commuter rail services operate local and suburban routes, primarily during peak morning and evening travel periods. Commuter rail uses technology common to existing freight railroad systems, has stations typically spaced 2-7 ...

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