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Pediatricians specialize in providing medical care for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. No major companies dominate the industry.

Globally, the number of pediatricians varies by country. More developed countries have more pediatricians, but emerging countries are training more doctors. Still, there is a severe shortage of trained pediatricians around the world.

In 2017, there are around 58,000 active pediatricians in the US, which include those who practice patient care, teaching, research, and others, according to the Physician Specialty Data Report by Association of American Medical Colleges.


Demand for pediatricians is driven primarily by demographics. The profitability of pediatrics practices depends on efficient operations and health care reimbursement rates. Large practices may be able to leverage the costs of administrative staff and equipment. Small or solo practices may provide a more personalized patient experience and allow doctors more control.

In US metropolitan areas, pediatricians generally have many direct competitors nearby, including family medicine physicians and general practitioners. Pediatric offices also compete with the growing number of walk-in clinics, sometimes located within chain pharmacies and mass merchandisers. These retail clinics offer limited medical services such as immunizations and treatment of minor conditions and are typically staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants.


Pediatricians diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, provide immunizations, and track patients' growth to adulthood. Some specialize in surgery or treating particular conditions affecting children.

Major concerns for pediatricians include early ...

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