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Covering more than 1000 industry segments and updated monthly, First Research Industry Profiles do the "heavy lifting" for you - saving you valuable research time, increasing your confidence on sales calls, and giving you the competitive edge to win more business. U.S. Focus profiles provide an abbreviated coverage of a niche industry, while Canadian Focus profiles cover a major industry segment in Canada.

U.S. Focus Industry Profiles include an Industry Overview, Industry Issues and Trends, Website & Media Links, and Call Prep Questions. Canadian Focus Profiles include Industry Overview, Competitive Landscape, Products, Operations & Technology, Industry Issues and Trends, Finance & Regulations, Regional & International, and Human Resources, Website & Media Links, and Call Prep Questions.

  • "First Research helps us gain a competitive 'knowledge advantage'. We are able to quickly establish credibility on sales calls by articulating and intelligently discussing key business issues. This leads to more new business and deepened relationships."
    • Karen Goff, EVP, Manager Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing,
      First Tennessee

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